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Monday, August 4
Opening and Announcement of the Lichnerowicz Prize
Weinstein, Linear symplectic categories and quantization (part 1)
Guillemin, Group actions on b-symplectic manifolds
Marcut, On Poisson manifolds that can be embedded into rigid Poisson manifolds
Li-Bland, Linear symplectic categories and quantization (part 2)

Tuesday, August 5
Meinrenken, Dirac actions
Tsygan, Quasi-classical limit of a deformation quantization
Lu, On some constructions of Poisson structures from Lie bialgebras
Gualtieri, Toric log symplectic manifolds
Pym, Holomorphic Poisson structures: their degeneracy loci and their quantizations

Wednesday, August 6
Baraglia, Moduli spaces of contact instantons
Walton, On actions of nite dimensional Hopf algebras
Berest, Double affine Hecke algebras and G-character varieties of knots

Thursday, August 7
Karshon, An Invitation to Diffeology
Pelayo, Integrable Systems and toric geometry on symplectic and Poisson manifolds
Tolman, The cohomology of quotients of Hamiltonian loop group spaces
Holm, The topology of toric origami manifolds
Sepe, From Hamiltonian S^1-spaces to semi-toric systems

Friday, August 8
Cabrera, Infinite dimensional Dirac geometry, reduction and moduli spaces
Hekmati, A generalised Kac-Peterson cocycle
Crainic, A duality between Poisson and Contact Geometry?