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Beginning of Semester Administration Tasks for Iode, at the University of Illinois

Recruit faculty to teach using Iode, in Math 285 and 286. Advertize the software also to instructors of Math 441, 442, 489.

Send email to requesting that faculty accounts be set up for instructors who will be teaching with Iode in the EWS labs. These faculty users need to be authorized to create temporary student accounts for non-engineering students in their classes.

Include in the message the names and NetIDs of the new instructors, and cc the instructors on this message.

Ask the EWS Manager whether they have made any significant changes/upgrades to their Matlab installation or to the hardware in their labs, since last semester.

Point out Laugesen' class website ( to all new instructors. They are welcome to copy it or use it as a resource.

Email the following information to all Iode instructors

Lab information

Useful webpages are:

Instructors should try out Iode themselves in the labs before taking a class there!

At the first lab, instructors should hand out copies of the "Setting up Iode" handout, which explains how students should set up Iode in their EWS account. (Remind students ahead of time that they will need their Active Directory password. ) Make sure you have set up accounts at least 24 hours beforehand, for the non-Engineering students in the class.

It is a good idea to have an experienced Iode instructor with you at that first lab day!

The labs are not big enough (and don't have enough chairs) to accommodate more than one student per machine. So when taking a large class to the lab, we recommend that the instructor book two nearby labs.

Syllabus information

See the Math 285 (IODE version) syllabus at, which also contains many hints on the practicalities of using Iode at UIUC.

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